About Us

Princeton Perspectives was conceived twelve years ago when Peter Gibson, President of Princeton Online (POL), had an idea to create a topical online magazine. POL had found success designing and hosting hyper-local community websites and informing the community about local events and resources. But Peter wanted to take it further – to start a sister site that looked deeper into some of the stories the community was interested in. The idea sat with him for years. Enter Lisa Jacknow – currently a stay at home mom who had spent years as a television reporter and producer in New York and New Jersey. Lisa had started getting back into journalism and was eager to share stories about the town of Princeton, where she calls home.

As luck would have it, they were introduced by a mutual friend who thought Peter’s vision and Lisa’s talents might be just what Princeton needed. With a shared desire to take a closer look at the things that matter in our town and to our community, the two have now teamed up and created Princeton Perspectives. PP will use articles, features, and commentary to take an in-depth look at timely information. Delving deep into one topic of interest every issue, our magazine will also feature guest writers from our community who are embedded in the stories they write about.