Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

ISSUE #53 – July 16, 2024

Editor’s Note

It is summer, peak wedding season. As we attend, plan for or recall our own weddings, there is one common saying that comes to mind. It is from an old English rhyme, meant to provide for a future of happiness. As many begin their futures together this summer, we also look forward to a happy future for everyone around Princeton. So, we chose to incorporate this saying into the July issue of Princeton Perspectives, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. Only this time, we’re giving it our unique twist, relating everything to the local area.

To kick off the issue, we asked people what their connections to Princeton are with regards to something that is old, new, borrowed or blue! Watch our Pulse of Princeton video to get a look into what others connect with!

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The Pulse of Princeton: What is something old, new, borrowed or blue you connect with in Princeton?

Perspectives Revisited

In May, in the article Balancing Historic Preservation with The Changing Needs of The Times, we shared some public sentiment about the property in and near the Mercer Hill Historic District, specifically what is to be built at the former Tennent-Roberts-Whitely site at Princeton Theological Seminary. The redevelopment has many neighbors fearful of its size, concerned about possible pollution and traffic impacts. At the July 8th Council meeting, an ordinance was introduced to adopt the redevelopment plan presented by the developer last year. This plan allows for 238 apartments on the property, including 47 affordable unit. You can share your thoughts for or against this plan at the public hearing, scheduled for July 22nd.

We have shared in the past, such as in the issue Local Changes on the Horizon in Princeton (August 2021), about transportation options throughout the municipality such as the municipal loop bus. Now there is funding to help make it more accessible. $105,000, authorized through a grant by Governor Murphy at the end of June, will enable Princeton to install signs that will offer real-time travel updates so one can stay on top of where the free Muni Transit is and when it will arrive at your location. You can find a schedule for the Muni Transit here.