Editor’s Note

“Let us learn from the past to profit by the present, and from the present, to live better in the future.” -William Wordsworth

Wordsworth touched upon just the thing we hope to highlight in this month’s issue of Princeton Perspectives, Historic Influences on the Happenings of Today. Through each phase of existence, the human people hope to learn, grow and prosper. Sometimes the lessons of history guide us to better ways, and sometimes unlearned lessons are repeated. Sometimes the tools and products developed benefit us for ages and other times are improved upon to enhance and better our lives. There is a lot about history that is present in our daily lives, and we share some with you in this month’s issue.

What is an historical connection in your life? If you take a moment to think about it, you may be surprised to realize what from the past influences you today. It was a new experience walking around town this month, asking people to really take a deep look inside. I promise you’ll find their responses thought provoking, as we asked locals for this month’s Pulse of Princeton. Watch the video now!

Through each generation, there are moments that are etched in our minds. Some good, some bad. Many that bring out high emotions and reactions. Today is no different, with the Israel-Hamas War polarizing communities and campuses. There are striking similarities and stark contrasts between today’s Princeton University protest and ones from the past. We compare, contrast and share the latest in the article PU Protests and Demands: The Similarities and Differences from Then and Now.

If one studied, you may also find similarities and differences with how voting has taken place since 1776. This year, there is a new change on the ballot that you need to be aware of. The article Your Right to Vote 2024: Be Aware of Primary Voting and Ballot Changes breaks it down, so you can show up on Primary Day well prepared.

Since the late 1600s, Princeton has been a settled area, with buildings still remaining from way back when. Balancing Historic Preservation with The Changing Needs of The Times shares some thoughts about why centuries-old structures and historic streetscapes are an asset to Princeton that need to be delicately handled.

Speaking of delicate hands, there is an art to stripping bark from a tree and turning it into something usable and beautiful. Bark: An Artistic Tool Used in Ancient Traditions and Modern Indigenous Works describes articles from a new exhibit at the NJ State Museum, sharing creations from then and displaying how even today this artform is still being used.

And don’t forget to read this month’s Perspectives Revisited, shedding light on where the money goes – or might be going! From school taxes to electric and gas bills, it’s important to pay attention.

While it is easy to get caught up in our mundane lives, let us keep our eyes open to what is going on around us. Take a moment to learn, think and absorb. We are all going into this future together. Thank you for reading this month’s issue of Princeton Perspectives!

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