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We’re discussing everything that people are talking about – and also everything that people are not talking about in this month’s issue of Princeton Perspectives.

The February issue, Parity in Princeton? Does it, Should it and Can it Exist? opens the door to conversations about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion education, and the balance of ideologies, housing opportunities and political candidacy. These are the topics that are on everyone’s minds, but not always the ones people are comfortable discussing out loud.

We went into town this week and asked locals, is there parity in Princeton? They say, in some ways, yes, and in other ways, no. What are their reasons? Hear for yourself in this month’s Pulse of Princeton video.

To kick off our articles, we start by asking Does Princeton Offer Space for Safe and Responsive Dialogue? Through comments from a variety of locals, with diverse viewpoints and differing party affiliations, they let us know.

Princeton Public Schools is proud of its focus on equity, including through its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion education. Recently, some residents have shared they don’t agree with how it’s being done. It’s a conversation that we engage in through our article Perspectives on the Role of DEI Education in Our Schools, offering you two different views to read and consider.

Some say that debate about such education is politically driven, and therefore who is elected to office to represent your views could be vitally important. The article Are More and Diverse Candidates Needed in Local Politics for Better Representation? delves deeper into some conversations that have started around town about more Democrats running, Republicans challenging them and a greater breadth of minority candidates.

Speaking of options, Princeton is known for its million-dollar homes and has also shared its plans to build many more affordable living options. But some are still asking, Could Princeton’s Approach to Housing Offer Better Balance to Meet More Needs? This article takes a look into what might still be missing as Princeton builds out.

Cicadas and NARCAN. These are the topics we update for you in this month’s Perspectives Revisited. Read below to find out more!

This issue is not intended to be the final stop on every topic we bring up, rather a way for you to understand what others in the community are thinking and perhaps be the instigation for more conversation to come. Thanks for reading!

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