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These past few days have surely created some spring fever! With temperatures reaching into the low 70s, it’s hard not to get excited for the warmer weather to come. Pushing the clocks forward last weekend has lengthened our days, and with the official Spring Equinox coming next week, there is a lot to look forward to.

In our March issue of Princeton Perspectives, As Spring Arrives, Locals Get More Active and Involved, we share a variety of things to get excited for, prepared for and to take part in this spring.

What are you most looking forward to when spring hits Princeton? This is what we asked locals in this month’s Pulse of Princeton. Watch our video to get a sense of some of the greatness the Princeton area offers as the seasons change.

With all the excitement of spring, there are also some things to be weary of. In the article Springtime is a Perfect Time to Get Scammed we share with you some of the latest scams affecting people in our area, what to look out for and how to protect yourself.

Of course, with the arrival of spring, our bodies awaken a little more and it’s enticing to spend time outside. Though they work hard year-round, this is the time the area’s rowers get out on the lakes and enter their peak season of competition. Attention. Ready. Row! takes us into the lives of two local crew members, sharing everything from training pains to their true love of the sport.

If you’re not an athlete, there are still plenty of ways to get outside and enjoy the change in weather. The article Springtime Sun and Weather Beckons us to Spend Time Outside provides a variety of options to peak your senses. Whether you’re a visual person or adrenaline junky, this article can get you going.

Spring is also the perfect time to plant, prepping your yard to provide vegetables for you through the summer months. If you’re new to it, the idea can be overwhelming, so we’ve brought in assistance. A local gardening expert shares all you need to know in Simple Steps to Help You Start Your Home Garden.

Lastly, we are providing you with some of the latest news in Perspectives Revisited. This month we share a story about a proposed tax increase and opportunities to collect your recycling.

Hopefully you are outside, taking it all in while reading this issue! We appreciate your readership and as always, would love to hear from you. If you have any story ideas you would like us to consider or thoughts on things we have covered, please email our Editor.

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