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One of the things that attracts people to Princeton is its diversity. There are people of many races, nationalities, religions, socioeconomic levels and varying degrees of accomplishment. Princeton has long time residents, newcomers and people that are passing through. Some people drive, some ride bikes and others walk. In addition to residents, there are businesses, the municipality and visitors that may all have different interests. Quite often, there are bound to be a variety of opinions.

It is those differences that can help some see things in a different way, lead others to fight for a cause and have more just working to keep the peace. This month, in the June issue Trials and Tribulations Around Town: What’s the Best Way to Move Forward? we take a closer look at all of the above.

Whether you travel around Princeton by car, bike or on foot, you’ll notice things have been changing. We asked locals to offer their perspectives on traffic and parking in town, and you can see what they’ve shared in the Pulse of Princeton video.

Princeton has been at the height of construction over the past year +, with multiple projects in the center of town and a variety of others taking place along major roadways, in busy shopping areas, on the Princeton University campus and more. Construction and Traffic and Parking…Oh Boy! The Impacts are Being Felt Around Town delves into what is taking place in Princeton, and the fallout of the work.

Princeton Police have been spotted helping to assist through some of the construction, but they are also involved in several other matters. 21st Century Policing in Princeton Works to Build Relationships and Enhance Safety describes some of the things people need to be aware of in the community.

Laws and rules are often at the crux of police responsibility, but they also help to create guidelines by which the greater community must operate. Federal and state regulations have long since controlled alcohol, its distribution and consumption. In Long-Standing Laws May Change to Balance Opportunities for Eating and Drinking we share reactions and possibilities those changes could bring.

When you know there’s a better way, it can be hard not to fight for it. Especially when it comes to the safety of one’s children. Where the Snowden Sidewalk Ends (But Shouldn’t) is a detailed summary of the reasons, actions and efforts people are putting forth to push for an added section of sidewalk along a main thoroughfare.

After all this new information, we of course can’t forget Perspectives Revisited, updated news on stories we’ve covered in the past. The Master Plan is coming along, and the municipality is asking residents to share their thoughts, once again. We have the latest surveys and studies for you to fill out. We also look back to June’s Primary Election Day, sharing information on voter turnout and more. And, for other thoughts on a topic we’ve covered on an issue currently facing Princeton, this month Princeton Perspectives received a Letter to the Editor. Take a look at what one of our readers wanted to share about Princeton Public Schools. We love to include community perspectives relating to anything we cover, so please share your thoughts here for our next issue.

School is out for the summer, and we hope that you stay safe, enjoy the outdoors and enjoy time with the ones you love. We look forward to sharing more of Princeton’s important stories with you in July.

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