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Not too unlike the emergence of the butterfly from its chrysalis, we come out from hibernation and see ourselves awaken to the sunlight and warmth of spring (at least on those days when the rain decides to hold off!). When we see these changes in nature, we are reminded that seeing ourselves differently or simply doing things a different way can positively influence what lays ahead. This month, in the April issue of Princeton Perspectives we share, Changes You Can Make to Create a Better Future, just a few of the possible things you can do or see differently.

We’ll start with our Pulse of Princeton, video comments from locals in response to the question, “What is a change you have made, encountered or would like to experience?” People are trying new things and looking forward to others. Watch what they have to share!

It can be great to learn from things that others have tried, such as a new way to structure things – literally. In the article Builder’s Use of Technology Creates More Resistant Structures we talk about a technological advance that helped protect some Princeton homes resist structural damage in the recent earthquake! It also has attributes that are attracting locals to use it in their new home construction and additions. From its sustainable nature to its ability to ward off mold and termites, you can read about the local builder that’s incorporated this change into his business.

Another change that’s easy enough to make but requires a different way of thinking is outdoor playtime! In Purposeful Outdoor Open-Ended Play Provides Benefits that Last a Lifetime our guest writer shares educational experiences and influences that studies have proven have a lasting effect. What can you do and how? Read on to find out!

While you are outside, you might just notice one of the locals walking about. Barbara Majeski has found that walking was partially responsible for some huge improvements she made in her life. We write about her and the new book she’s just written in the article Success Can be Found if You Embrace the Change You Need. You’ll read not just about her experiences, but advice you can use to make your own change, as well.

You can help yourself and also be helping others. This is the crux of The Benefits of Volunteering are Often Greater Than One Expects, written by a guest writer with decades of experience. What volunteering does and can bring to you and those around you is a change worth reading about.

A lasting change is coming to Princeton, and you can read about that in this month’s Perspectives Revisited! The latest on Chambers Street and the newest Princeton hotel is our first update. We also share about an upcoming event that can change the way you and your family cycle around town.

If the rain will stay way, we hope that you’ll enjoy reading all of these articles while outdoors! If not, plop down on your couch and be the change you seek to see! If you have any topics we’ve not covered that you’d like to read about, email us! We’d love to be delving into the issues that matter most to you!

This is our 50th issue! We couldn’t have gotten here without you! Thank you for trusting our writing and sharing each issue. We’re gearing up for 50 more!

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