A Fantastic and Fresh Start to the New Year

A Fantastic and Fresh Start to the New Year

ISSUE #47 – January 17, 2024

Editor’s Note

2024 has brought with it several firsts. We saw our first meaningful snowfall this week, giving area schools their first snow day. Minimum wage reached its highest level yet for New Jersey. And, as of Jan. 1st, if you get a call from a telemarketer, for the first time they must provide the name, mailing address, and telephone number for the person they represent within 30 seconds.

If those aren’t enough good things, we’re here to help you with our January issue A Fantastic and Fresh Start to the New Year. From ways to help better yourself, to ways to help better others, government changes and more, Princeton Perspectives is kicking off your 2024.

How did you start the new year? This month’s Pulse of Princeton asks locals what they are planning to do to make 2024 different. Maybe they’ll give you some inspiration! Hear all of their responses in the video now. Read more…


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The Pulse of Princeton: How are you making 2024 different?

Perspectives Revisited

Tight liquor licensing and limits to what craft breweries can offer have been long contested across New Jersey. In the issue Trials and Tribulations Around Town: What’s the Best Way to Move Forward? (June 2023), we wrote about craft brewery and liquor license reform in the article Long-Standing Laws May Change to Balance Opportunities for Eating and Drinking. Well last week, as the lame duck session was ending, changes were approved that will move forward once they get Governor Murphy’s sign-off. Once enacted, the new legislation will allow dormant liquor licenses to be auctioned off and create a new class of licenses for establishments attached to shopping malls. For craft breweries, tours are no longer a requirement for drinking on-site, snacks and food trucks will be allowed on premises and events and private parties are allowed. Additionally, farm brewery licenses will be created to enable a limited creation of malt beverages.

Have you been wanting to pursue more? Is now the time to get your degree? In the article Expanding Your Potential (in the January 2021 issue Kickin’ Off a Great Year…the Princeton Way) we wrote about opportunities to learn online or locally to test out a new career, earn a certificate or simply get better educated. Now, there’s assistance available to complete your college degree at a college right around the corner. If you started college and earned yourself some credits, but due to financial difficulties or other life situations never completed your degree, Rider University had just received a state grant to help you finish. Beginning this spring 2024 semester, you can apply for aid to help with childcare, pay for books or transportation. All New Jersey residents with demonstrated need, aged 25 or older, who completed at least some college prior to last fall are eligible. Information sessions as early as tonight and into February can provide you with more details.