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It is hard to believe there are just a few more weeks until the end of 2023. What a turbulent year it has been! But one of the nice things that happens as December arrives, is no matter what is weighing you down, there are things to cheer you up. Whether it’s watching the Palmer Square tree go up in lights or taking part in one of the local Chanukah celebrations, each family and community has traditions it hopes to pass down from generation to generation.

This month, in the issue Passing Along Princeton Traditions, Old and New, Princeton Perspectives aims to tap into some of those things that keep us going. It’s important to have things to look forward to year after year. It’s also wonderful to try something new – something that might get added to your annual repertoire.

What is your favorite tradition this time of year? That’s what we asked folks around town for this month’s Pulse of Princeton. You may have your own, or you may agree with some of theirs!

When Princeton Perspectives launched in March 2020, we promised to do our best to take a closer look at what matters to Princeton. And we think we’ve done a pretty good job!  Continuing the Tradition of Local Coverage as We Look Back at 2023 takes us through the major happenings of this year. As we look at some of the biggest stories of our area, we also update you on what has happened since.

There’s not too much to update when you talk about historic battles, but there are ways to make them current. In the article History to Come Alive at Princeton Battlefield State Park, our guest writer highlights one of the most impressive reenactments of the Battle of Princeton. There’s still time to put it in your calendar!

Whether you’re planning for a special gathering, or simply like to enjoy things on your own, Tasty Traditions to Try Before the Year is Up can give you something to wet your palate. Whether traditional baked treats or hot drinks, there are many things you can indulge in throughout the area.

Another local tradition is held at Morven. The article Year After Year, Visitors Indulge in the Spirit of the Displays tells you what there is to look forward to, and how you can experience them.

Though we dedicate an entire article to a look back at some of this year’s biggest stories, there are still others that need an update. This month’s Perspectives Revisited takes a look at some new rules that may affect you.

If you are celebrating a holiday this month, we send our best wishes. And to everyone, thank you for another great year together. We wish you all a very Happy New Year and look forward to delving into more local stories in 2024!

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