Passing Along Princeton Traditions, Old and New

Passing Along Princeton Traditions, Old and New

ISSUE #46 – December 14, 2023

Editor’s Note

It is hard to believe there are just a few more weeks until the end of 2023. What a turbulent year it has been! But one of the nice things that happens as December arrives, is no matter what is weighing you down, there are things to cheer you up. Whether it’s watching the Palmer Square tree go up in lights or taking part in one of the local Chanukah celebrations, each family and community has traditions it hopes to pass down from generation to generation.

This month, in the issue Passing Along Princeton Traditions, Old and New, Princeton Perspectives aims to tap into some of those things that keep us going. It’s important to have things to look forward to year after year. It’s also wonderful to try something new – something that might get added to your annual repertoire. Read more…


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The Pulse of Princeton: What is your favorite tradition this time of year?

Perspectives Revisited

Pipe replacements all over town! From the sewer to natural gas, pipelines are being updated across Princeton. In the June issue Trials and Tribulations Around Town: What’s the Best Way to Move Forward? we shared with you some of the updates happening in the article Construction and Traffic and Parking…Oh Boy! The Impacts are Being Felt Around Town. New Jersey American Water is also working to update pipes, as necessary. Though their water mains are not lead, some service lines may be. So, the company has created this interactive map to determine the make-up of your pipes. If lead or galvanized steel, they will replace them at no cost. The Garden State passed a law in 2021 requiring any lead or galvanized steel pipes be replaced by 2031. This is slightly ahead of the national trend. In November, the United States Environmental Protections Agency (EPA) proposed a new requirement to ensure all lead water pipes are replaced within the next ten years to help limit and hopefully eliminate the impact lead water can have on children and adults.

Are you ready to plug in? In the March issue, Change Can Be Hard. How Do We Know If It’s The Right Choice? we announced in the article The Likelihood Local Residents Can Help NJ Meet New Climate Change Goals a new goal put forth by Governor Phil Murphy to require all cars and light trucks sold in New Jersey to be electric by 2035. In late November, Murphy made it official, and it is to be published in the New Jersey Register next week. The Advanced Clean Car II rule, now adopted by nine states, is embraced by environmentalists and scorned by automotive and utility businesses by creating compliance standards through zero emission vehicles.