Changes That Can Have a Strong Impact on Your Life

Changes That Can Have a Strong Impact on Your Life

ISSUE #43 – September 14, 2023

Editor’s Note

At every age, there are things that one must face in life. Some are within one’s control, others are not. With numerous decisions and recent happenings that can have an impact on various age groups, the best way to stay on top of them is to be aware. So, this month, Princeton Perspectives is delving into them in the issue Changes That Can Have a Strong Impact on Your Life.

Celebrating a big anniversary or pushing yourself to benefit others are two things that can impact people. They’re also the topics of the two Perspectives Revisited items we’re updating you on this month. Read below to see what’s happening.

What changes have happened recently that you’ve had to deal with? That’s what we asked area locals in this month’s Pulse of Princeton. Learning what others encounter and how they handle themselves can be great lessons for all of us, so watch the video to learn what they have to share.
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The Pulse of Princeton: What changes have you experienced recently?

Perspectives Revisited

Flags are adorning Nassau street to make sure everyone knows Princeton is celebrating a big milestone! While we often write about political issues in and concerning Princeton, in the issue Politics: From the White House to Princeton (Feb. 2021) we went in depth about Mark Freda in the article Princeton has a New Mayor in Town, as he became only the 2nd Mayor of the consolidated Princeton. On September 28th, the town will come together to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the consolidation of Princeton Borough and Township, with a ceremony at the Municipal Building at 4:30pm. Mayor Freda along with Councilwoman Michele Pirone Lambros and Senator Andrew Zwicker will reflect on the journey, progress and significance of one Princeton. All members of the community are invited. The event will culminate with music, treats and specials at several local eateries.

Volunteering your time and raising money for a good cause is something parents and society work to instill in today’s youth. In the issue Positive Parts of the Pandemic (June 2021) we wrote in the article Young Rock Star Volunteers Helping Out All Around Us about several young men and women in the community that were going above and beyond to give back. Next month, recent Princeton High School graduate Alex Greenberg continues these efforts, taking real steps towards raising money to benefit Eagles Autism Foundation. Quite literally, Greenberg will walk alongside his cousin Max Steinberg, who is on the autism spectrum with a passion for walking, to recreate part of the 300-mile journey that Benjamin Franklin took from Boston to Philadelphia. Traveling along the D&R Canal path, starting in New Brunswick to Bordentown and then continuing on into and through Philadelphia, the three-day walk will culminate on October 6th, 300 years to the day that Franklin arrived. The two are hoping to raise money, to “mark this historic milestone and prove the limitless abilities of those on the autism spectrum.”