Positive Parts of the Pandemic

Positive Parts of the Pandemic

ISSUE #16 – June 15, 2021

Editor’s Note

One year ago, I wrote in my Editor’s Note about the great outdoors and how stepping outside can help us get clarity of our current situation. Last June, deep in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we were at a very different place than we are today. Yet, I think the same advice holds true – if we can step outside (ourselves, rather than just outdoors) and take a look back at our pandemic year, through the hardships came some rays of light.

The health scare was real and meant a great deal of suffering and loss for many. The fear also caused most people to slow down your lives, spend more time with family, learn who you really are and who you can count on, which was very therapeutic. So today, as life is opening up and we are resuming some of our “normal” life activities and adventures, it’s a great opportunity to focus on the optimistic aspects of the year and help ourselves move forward. Read more…


Pulse of Princeton: Positive Parts of the Pandemic

Our hearts go out to those that suffered from sickness and loss due to COVID-19. Through the hardships, silver linings emerged that have helped us move forward. Today we focus on those positive parts.

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Perspectives Revisited

In Issue #12, Politics: From the White House to Princeton, our guest writer explained in the article Biden’s Plan and its Impact Here In Princeton that Biden’s stimulus proposal was to provide aid for our schools to operate and safely reopen fully in the wake of the pandemic. On May 11, 2021 the American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) Fund was signed into law and aid in the amount of $1,805,008 was awarded to the Princeton Public Schools on May 18, 2021. Princeton Charter School was awarded $174,442.

Last month, in Issue #15, Biases in our Hometown, we shared details in the article Bias Incidents are on the Rise. What’s it Like Here? about the acts of anti-Semitic vandalism and harassment that had occurred in Princeton in 2020. When the article posted, the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict had just erupted. Though more than 5,700 miles away, it escalated anti-Semitic attacks with a 300% increase seen across the U.S. The Princeton Police Department has received no official reports of anti-Semitic incidents, but there have been strong anti-Jewish sentiments seen and heard around town including on social media posts spreading through school communities and at Princeton University, where Jewish students have been heckled by people driving by. This rise has prompted a rally against anti-Semitism to be held on Thursday, June 17th at Hinds Plaza, aiming to clarify misinformation that has led to the uptick in anti-Semitism and to show solidarity against hatred for all people.