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As the buds on my rose bush start to transform into beautiful flowers, I am reminded how they came to get planted behind my home and were given the opportunity to flourish. I bought two rose bushes on a whim several years ago, thinking I could plant them in the planters by my front door. Luckily someone pointed out that was a poor idea, that roses bushes need much more room to grow. Now several feet wide, the bushes are thriving in my yard and each spring as I watch them bloom and see other plants and bushes brighten up the landscapes, I am reminded there is so much I still need to learn about gardening.

Is there something in your life that you think you know, but when you really think about it, truly still have a lot to learn about? Many people in Princeton think they know, well, everything – and for sure, there are brilliant minds here that know a lot – but there is always room to learn and grow. This month, Princeton Perspectives is hoping to help you along that path with our May issue, Get the Lowdown – Local Information You Might Not Know, But Should. From the latest about what is happening at Princeton High School to information about sites and places around town, even details about the upcoming primary election, we’ve got you covered.

Last night, in an attempt to get his job back as Princeton High School Principal, Frank Chmiel plead his case to the Board of Education in front of a public audience. What happened? We have the details in Perspectives Revisited, which you can read below. We also share the latest developments about Bridge Point 8, the warehouse that could be built across from Quakerbridge Mall.

If you brought a visitor into town, or met a newcomer to Princeton, what would you advise them? This month’s Pulse of Princeton shares the thoughts of locals we met in town. Perhaps they might even teach you a thing or two about the area!

Like the rose bush, I thought I knew where to plant them and help them grow, but I was wrong. In Princeton, there are many stories you might have heard about people or places, but do you know the real version? The article You’re a True Princetonian Once You Know the True Stories gives you the insight you didn’t know you needed, to be an expert local.

Beyond flowers and plants, there are other things in nature that are near people’s homes. Often, they are unwanted. Jump and Scream? How to React to Common Wildlife Encounters Around Princeton shares which critters you can keep a look out for and what to do if you see them.

If animals aren’t bothering you, spring allergies likely are! Just wait. They are bound to get better as the summer months hit. You know what else happens in June? The Primary Election! Do you know who is running, when it is, how you can take part? June Primary Election: Why Bother and What You Need to Know has every detail to inform you.

Maybe after you vote, you want to get out of town. One way out is to take the Dinky train from Princeton to West Windsor and hop on a train into New York City. Walk, Bike or Ride: A Local Commitment to the Princeton Dinky Revitalization explains why this line is so important to the area and what is being discussed to keep up with changing needs and opportunity.

Life has gotten busy for many, but we hope that you will still take time to smell the roses (and then read all the great information we have for you this month)! We appreciate your trust and readership and look forward to sharing more with you in June.

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