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It’s that time of year, you start seeing lawn signs pop-up all-over town, highlighting a candidate for office. As you drive by, you wonder who that person is, or what that role even does. Then you think, when do I vote and how will I decide who to vote for?

It’s important to understand the nuances of the 2021 voting procedures, as there are some differences this year in New Jersey. And it’s equally important to know your options for each elected position. So, this month, Princeton Perspectives has put together everything you need to know to vote informed with our issue Voting 2021 – A Comprehensive Local Guide.

What do people around town think about the upcoming elections? We once again bring you the Pulse of Princeton, a compilation of video comments from locals. We asked them what campaign issue is most important as we head into this year’s general election.

Last year, the November election took place primarily via mail-in ballots. This year, that is not the case. Most voters will go to the polls, but where and when should you vote? Mercer County Voting Details 2021: What You Need to Know shares all of the latest voting rules and details this year’s ballot questions, so you are well prepared.

So, you show up to the polls on the right day and time, but have you decided who to vote for? Who’s Running? Get to Know Your General Election Candidates explains what official positions will be on this year’s ballot and shares information from each candidate to help you better understand who they are and why they are running. This should help inform your vote.

Though there are increasingly more parties entering into major office races, such as the Libertarian, Socialist Workers and Green parties, the Democrats and Republicans historically are the largest vote-getters. What are the biggest differences between those major party candidates running for governor and legislature? It depends who you ask. In It’s Time for Practical Leadership in the Statehouse – a Local Republican’s Perspective and What’s at Stake in the Statehouse – a Local Democrat’s Perspective we bring to you two contrasting views. Read them both and see where you align.

There are many matters that hang in the balance, depending on who is voted into office. And those are important to you. So, where is Princeton at…on COVID, inclusivity, politics and more. We’ll get into those details in our November issue.

We hope Voting 2021 – A Comprehensive Local Guide explains everything you need to know, and you are able to make a confident decision at the polls.

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