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Today is July 18th, that means that somewhere, someone is taking in the sounds of nature celebrating World Listening Day or puckering up to enjoy National Sour Candy Day. There are a lot of fun and important holidays on the calendar. Some are widespread and others simply carry meaning to a select few. According to National Today, there are 6,417 special days to celebrate each year. Several of them happen in July, and we are highlighting them with local ways to take advantage of and honor each.

Just to be alive and breathing in the fresh air of summer is something to celebrate. But let’s have some fun with it! The July issue of Princeton Perspectives, Every Day is a Special Day – How to Celebrate Them Around Princeton, has chosen four of July’s special dates to provide you with a deeper appreciation and knowledge of our community: Be a Kid Again Day, Hop-a-Park Day, National Lasagna Day and Be Nice to Bugs Day.

What days are most important to the people that live around Princeton? The Pulse of Princeton video shares some special favorites, and perhaps might give you a new reason to celebrate.

With real life going on, it can sometimes be hard to remember to take a moment for yourself. Be a Kid Again Day is meant to encourage you to do so. The article Be a Kid Again – Local Opportunities to Relax, Have Fun and Rejuvenate reminds us all why childhood was, for most, a joyous time and has some local suggestions for ways to relive your youth or at least take a breather from your daily life.

If you like to do that in the great outdoors, Jump, Play, Run, Eat – Local Parks Provide Opportunities for Everyone in the Community shares specifics about what Princeton Recreation has to offer. With different layouts, environments and opportunities, you should be able to find what suits you to honor Hop-a-Park Day.

Sometimes life just isn’t so easy. That’s when those that can, do for others. For the Love of Food – Helping Others One Bite at a Time reminds us that it is OK to ask for help, it is wonderful to offer help, and there are some great ways to get fresh-cooked meals. Whether you need help once in a while or on a regular basis, National Lasagna Day reminds us that a warm meal can offer a lot more than meets the eye.

When you see an insect crawling around your patio table or sitting atop your favorite flowers, nuisance is sometimes the first thing you think of. Be Nice to Bugs Day is an opportunity to remember that they have a place in the yard, too. The article They May Seem Like Pests, but Local Insects are Really Helping Out describes a few that you are likely to see in the greater Princeton area, and why you might want to be nice – at least for a day!

As always, we are also sharing some recent updates on stories we’ve covered in the past. Scroll down to Perspectives Revisited to find out what legislators are doing to try and create a safer and healthier community for all.

The rain may be pouring down lately, but here’s something to remember. If you’re stuck indoors, take part in a favorite past time with National Chess Day coming up July 20th or really indulge on National Junk Food Day July 21st! Whatever you do or whatever day you do it, remember there is always something to celebrate!

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