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Every October Princeton Perspectives puts out an issue all about the elections, to help every local voter be educated and informed. This month is no different, as we’ve gathered all the details on when and where to vote, how to vote, what’s being voted on and more. As we put the final touches on this issue, our hearts go out to the Israeli, American and other victims of Hamas’ terrorist acts. A war has been unleashed that will sadly lead to more injuries and deaths on both sides. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in our community and abroad that are suffering.

Here in New Jersey, the democratic election process moves forward, allowing people to have say in what happens next. Ballots have arrived in mailboxes if you Vote By Mail. Sample Ballots are online. There may be offices up for contest and candidates you know nothing about. It’s all here in Elections 2023 – Details on Voting, Candidates & More!, the only local publication where you will find it all.

What is driving you to vote? We asked local residents what issue is top of mind as they prepare for election day. This month’s Pulse of Princeton video shares their concerns.

Though the basic concept of casting one’s vote is old, every year there are new elements that come into play. The article The General Election: Who’s Running? What’s New? What’s at Stake? provides insight into every political candidate on the ballot, explains some new things to be aware of before you vote and lets you know the dates and locations where you can drop a ballot or vote in person.

Also year’s election includes decisions that greatly effect Princeton’s schools. The article What is the PPS Referendum and Who are the Board Candidates? shares insight into the two incumbents and three challengers running, an explanation of the referendum and more.

Imagine if you sat down and had coffee with someone with opposing political views. Disagreement, judgements and strong opinions lead many to avoid it. How, then, do we learn from one another and expand our minds? This month, Princeton Perspectives is offering you a chance to hear what the other side wants to share with you, without anyone else knowing and without anyone else judging. In two articles, The Importance of Voting in November, A Perspective From Local Democrats and The Importance of Voting in November, A Perspective From a Local Republican individual viewpoints are shared that you can consider.

And don’t skip past Perspectives Revisited, because there is an important update on cellular service around Princeton you just might want to know! We also share Princeton Public School’s newly released proposal to help alleviate the elementary school enrollment situation. Read on to find out!

We hope you find this issue informational and helpful as you fill in your Vote By Mail ballot or head to the polls. Remember, the decisions made this November have the greatest impact because you are voting for the positions that control your property tax bill the most!

We hope you have a very Happy Halloween and we’ll see you again after the election!

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